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Motherhood and Parenting Tips

The three years of life are the most important for the brain development of the child. It is for every parent to nature the child to enhance better preparation for psychological, social, and intellectual rigors which they always face in school and their throughout their lifetime. Below are stipulated parenting tips from the CityGirlGoneMom magazine which every mom and dad should consider.
First, your child should be given unconditional love. You need to show that you love them for who they are and not their actions, and this is important to boost their self-esteem. Also, you need to spend quality time with your child every day. It is necessary to prioritize and schedule the activity of talking and looking into your child. Such a focus will show that your child is more important to you than anything else. Visit: for more info.
More so, what the child feeds on within the three months is particularly important. Beware of the existence of a correlation between early diet and forthcoming child’s intelligence. The toddler’s later IQ can be reduced through eating processed food rich in fat and sugar, while healthy diets such as fish, Rice, fruits will raise the child’s intelligent quotient. Nutritionist recommends the toddlers primarily eat homemade food which is freshly prepared and lucking salt, excess sugar.
Increasingly, read to your child as this shows that there is fun in reading books. This way, you’ll increase their child’s vocabulary enormously. Also, you have to perform physical activities together. Activities such as kicking balls, riding a tricycle, running, with parental help, will not only benefit your child’s physical health but also make them aware of the existence of success and failures. While pushing your child beyond his/her limits is not recommended, a child failing and trying the second and third time to succeed is integral to healthy growth and overcoming life obstacles.
Moreover, your children should be given the discipline they deserve. They ought to learn to be responsible for their actions by agreeing to have made some mistakes, correcting them, and agreeing on the consequences for any work they deed. However, as a parent, you have to know that a child below two years does not possess the cognitive abilities to remember the prior instructions given out before acting. Repetition is necessary to teach the rules and those behaviors expected. Also, eek to establish chores to your kids, such as making the bed, emptying trash cans, and table setting. Discover more here:

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